Trap Free Montana Public Lands

The Dillon Foundation is a proud sponsor of Trap Free Montana Public Lands.

Montana Received D-Grade for Trapping Regulations.

Montana has one of the worst grades in the nation for trapping reform while killing over 192,000 known REPORTED animals from 2011-2014 and trapping over 100 dogs per FWP reports.

For grades and how other states compare: Born Free USA - STATE TRAPPING REPORT CARD.

Trap Free Montana (TFM) mission is to promote education, modern day science, and non-lethal alternatives to trapping that foster responsible stewardship and respectful coexistence with wildlife.

Let's help them protect the animals and also the people and children that could be affected by traps.

Trap Free Montana on Public Lands
Trap Free Montana Thank-you Letter
Trap Free Montana Thank-you Letter


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